Some additional links:

I try to post frequent updates on my latest art and works in progress on my Instagram Account.

You can also learn more about what I am up to on my Johansen Newman Facebook page.

Check out the site for my picture book, Glamorous Glasses, with games and more fun stuff, and which introduces Bobbie and Joanie, stars of a new book series for Boyds Mills Press.

Visit my Glamorous Glasses Facebook Page.

Check out the site for my latest picture book, Glamorous Garbage with fun games for decorating rooms, info about the book and about me.

You can see some of the designs for the retro side of my licensing art at my trademarked site Really Really Retro.

This is the web site for my book, TEX & SUGAR: A Big City Kitty Ditty. There are games, coloring pages, icons, and screen savers, just to name a few things.

I used to blog about art and design at Design Rocket. I’ll only be blogging here now, but that site still has a great deal of fun content.

I once made it a point to wax philosophical and get lost in the remembrance of things past over at Cats and Jammer Studio. I’ll only be blogging here going forward but that site has content that goes back to 2005 and worth checking out for thoughts on books, movies, and life.