Saying Good-bye to the Old, and Welcome to the New!

Welcome to my new site and blog. After trying to keep up to date on 4 other blogs, covering topics on everything from movies, to books, to antique hunting, to design, to celebrity culture, to decorating, to eye glasses, to garbage, not to mention art…well…I’ve decided to just maintain one blog: this one.

My fresh blog start happens to coincide with a major shift in my direction as an artist. I am bidding farewell to the world of children’s books. It was my main focus for more than 20 of my 35 years as an illustrator. I had lots of fun and I worked very hard. But, it was time to move on.

Change is good. Now I just make art for art’s sake and especially mine. I spend most every day in the studio enjoying my new direction. Well, not exactly new direction. Painting is what I meant to do years ago. I just got happily sidetracked, over and over again.

I am finding that it is all consuming and satisfying to create what develops from my heart. It’s on my mind 24/7. My husband calls it, “Art on the brain.” On this blog, I hope to share that arty gray matter, and give glimpses into my creative process.

But, truth be known, I’ll also probably start thinking out loud from time to time about topics that inspired me in the past.

Hey–and I’m going for a ride for the first time on my new blog on my birthday! My present to myself!

I hope you tag along on my (next) journey.